Our Mission

Urban Realty Partners (“Urban”) is an Atlanta based real estate development organization that is committed to creating well planned, mixed-use urban developments that enhance their neighborhoods while providing exceptional places to live, work, and shop. Urban strives to produce high quality residential and office spaces with supporting retail where appropriate. Urban’s developments have a pedestrian orientation, often incorporate historic buildings, and cultural centers.

Our Focus

At Urban, our focus is developing mixed use projects in outstanding, emerging, walkable urban locations. We seek to work in communities that have long-term focus, celebrate and protect their historic assets and value a rich diversity of people and opportunities. Above all, we pledge to pursue our business with a steadfast focus on high ethical standards, continued relationships based on respect, and development inspired by a vision for a better community.

Responding to New Urbanism

Urban’s commitment in developing mixed-use, walkable communities is consistent with a growing school of urban planning called New Urbanism. Increasingly, city residents are becoming frustrated with the long commutes, traffic congestion, and social isolation associated with sprawling, poorly planned suburban areas. These new urbanites realize and appreciate the benefits of living and working within a vibrant, pedestrian oriented in-town setting where community is a focus. Developments providing a unique sense of place will be sought out by this demographic group.

Focus on Smart Growth

Urban is a strong proponent of Smart Growth. The Urban Land Institute defines “Smart Growth” as growth that is economically sound, environmentally friendly and supportive of community livability – growth that enhances our quality of life. Urban’s projects are intended to support smart growth by developing communities that:

• Mix land uses with complimentary office, residential and retail spaces
• Incorporate significant existing buildings in adaptive reuse
• Incorporate existing community assets
• Provide a range of housing options
• Feature pedestrian orientation
• Provide a variety of transportation choices
• Use sustainable systems and materials

Energizing In-town Living

Urban focuses on two primary product lines: residential and office. The residential business is in response to the expanded marketplace for higher density housing in vibrant “18 hour” urban neighborhoods where workplaces are within an easy commute, amenities such as restaurants, retail, recreational and cultural attractions are within walking distance, and transit provides an alternative to the automobile. The residential product line includes multi-family rental, condominiums, townhouses and high-density, single family residences. The office business consists of the development of attractively priced office space for in-town office users seeking an alternative in both design and price to traditional class A and B space. These developments include rehabilitation of older buildings as well as new construction in desirable urban locations and typically appeal to creative, high tech, entrepreneurial and other similar users. An additional core competency of the company is acquisition of existing office assets. Urban’s expertise extends, as well, to complementary retail as part of a mixed-use project.